The Bakeries

At both Rise Bakery, in Gold Coast and Brisbane locations, you'll discover the unmistakable charm of French baking, featuring seasonal treats, modern classics, and artisanal bread.

The Champagne Bar

Collaborating with Chef Adrien and his pastry expertise, we created The Champagne Bar, envisioning a delightful pairing experience between pastries and Champagne. Discover our Indulge Pairings starting from $29.

Indulge for one

One Glass of FrereJean Freres Brut Premier Cru accompanied by one patisserie of your choice.

Indulge for two

Two Glasses of Laurenti Brut accompanied by two patisseries of your choice.

Indulge for four

One bottle of Les Rocailles Cremant de Savoie along with your choice of four patisseries.


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